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Retro & Nude-art

For approximately thirty years I’ve been keeping myself busy as an amateur photographer, the sum of my work is completely auto didactical.

Starting off with a cheap automatic analogue camera, I’ve progressed to working with professional digital equipment nowadays, among them, the Canon 5Ds (60MP).

Everything started back when I was working as employee of a newspaper and had to turn in photo’s with some news, this was during the time I was doing mainly nature photography.

The last 15 odd years I’ve been doing model photography, which doesn’t mean that nature photography is forgotten, to the contrary.

As an amateur it’s not my intention to profit financially from my photography, it was, is and will always be a hobby.

This is one the reasons this new website was born…., more pictures, regular updates and a fast and easy way to contact me.

I hope that my photos please you and that everyone may enjoy them.

Like the Romans were phrasing: De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum

Jaak Bellen 



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